Solar Power Relief

Harnessing solar energy to make a difference.

Through provision of solar powered lanterns SPR is committed to addressing the challenges faced by the rural and urban poor in the developing world, who have no choice other than to use fossil fuel sources for lighting,

About Us

Established in November 2020. Solar Power Relief (SPR) came into being as a result of personal experience, discussions and study about the harmful effects of fossil fuels on health.

In addition to the health conditions burning fossil fuels lead to for those directly in the vicinity of their use, the cumulative effect of millions of people around the world using such fuel for lighting also increases environmental pollution, thus resulting in a wider undesirable impact.

Portable, easy to use and cost effective.  Solar powered lanterns provide a remedy to the ills highlighted above.

Our Aims

Providing solar powered lanterns to the resource poor in the developing world in order to

Safeguard Health

Safeguard health by promoting an alternative to sources of lighting that are hazardous

Alleviate Poverty

Alleviate poverty by eliminating recurrent expenditure on fossil fuels/costly alternatives for lighting

Impact positively

Impact positively on the environment by promoting the use of solar energy.

Use Cases

Become a Volunteer

Many hands make light work. Calling overseas and UK based residents to join our cause.